Thursday 13 June 2024


Parking your car is a bit different when visiting Cornwall's Lizard Village. You park on the village green. As you can see below it has been this way for a long time. There is still a  parking charge (£3.50) but the money goes into  an honesty box. 

The village is a good place to start a walk, as there are many options. We wandered off with no destination or in mind.

I wondered what it would be like to live surrounded by greenery and  a with a view of the sea.

We found our selves on the Old Lizard Head.

What a lovely spot to sit and contemplate life.

I guess it would be a bit different on a blustery,  rainy day though.

Onward, and a flight of steps to contend with.

Another lovely view with the the coastal path in sight.

There's a cafe overlooking the sea, most unexpected. We had a coffee enjoying the blueness of the sky and sea.

We joined the coastal path again.

Downhill now for a change.

We headed back towards where we started

An enjoyable walk, though more luck than judgement. Good to see the hedgerows full of colour

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike


  1. What a difference some blue sky can make to a day out, these photos are really uplifting. I liked the colourful hedgerows, no idea what the pink flowers are but they look like like some sort of Mallow. Lovely post Mike.
    Take care, David.

  2. Thanks David, the blue skies have disappeared today, unfortunately, and we've just had a tree come down opposite to where we live, fortunately no damage though. Guess we can't control the weather. Hope Popcorn is doing okay. Good wishes.

  3. What a beautiful place! I must look up the name to find its origin. That lone cottage must have amazing views in every season. When I see such a place I can’t imagine it not being crowded with people. You have a real gem there, and a coffee shop, always welcome! I’m glad to be catching up on my blog reading. Take care. Ann K


  4. Hello Ann good to hear from you, trust all is well in your world. As for the name of the Lizard _ The name Lizard is most probably said to be: a corruption of the Cornish name "Lys Ardh", meaning "high court". Lots of strange names come from the Cornish language.
    All good wishes.

    1. Hi Mike. Thank you for the explanation. I’ve just enjoyed your other post and marvel at the beautiful flowers coloring the scenery, not to mention the spectacular views. I’ve looked at the map to orient myself and you were indeed at the tip end of the country. Best wishes, Ann.




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