Monday 18 February 2019

Comparing Upper Lemon Street, Truro In 1890 With How It Looks Today

Upper Lemon Street, Truro 1890
It snowed in the winter of 1890 in Truro - as can be seen in the photo above of Upper Lemon Street. 

It wasn't snowing though when I snapped the photo below of the same view today. The impressive granite faced houses look very much the same - though many are offices today.

In the background you might just be able to make out a tall monument. This is a statue of Richard Lander, following his death in 1834. He was one of the Lander brothers, Richard and John, who discovered the source of the River Niger in 1827.

It's also interesting that the land for the monument was donated by Sir Charles Lemon - note the name of the road in the photos.

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  1. Really interesting comparison Mike, not a great deal has changed. Is that lamp post the same?

    1. Yes, the lamp post is original. The houses will probably last much longer than some of the delicate modern houses that are going up. They were made to last.

  2. A few more cars there today! I don't know much about Truro but the Poldarks seem to always be going there:-)

  3. Thanks Ann. Yes, quite a few more cars! Truro is Cornwall's city and the main centre for the county. The courts and other such official buildings are here - thus why it is often mentioned in Poldark. It's also the main shopping centre - if my wife wants clothes etc she will head for Truro.

    Some of the Truro scenes in Poldark were actually filmed in Charlestown.




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