Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Walking The Beach At Charlestown, Cornwall

The Port and cottages at Charlestown, Cprnwall
It was such a lovely morning on Sunday: cold, but mostly blue sky. We had a stroll around Charlestown harbour and then onto the stony beach via the tunnel.
Tunnel at Charlestown, Cornwall leading to beach
Tunnel and steps to Charlestown Beach
The tide was out and the cliffs looked at their best.
The cliffs at Charlestown, Cornwall
The cliffs at the end of Charlestown beach
We walked the full length of the beach - no great achievement as it's only a short distance - and reached the final rocks and stones, where we sat to enjoy the sunshine for a few moments.
The cliffs and rocks at Charlestown, Cornwall
Rocks and stones at the end of Charlestown beach
We then did an about turn and meandered back to the harbour, while looking for interesting pebbles and stones. There were lots of rock pools as the tide was still fully out.
Looking towards the harbour from the Charlestown stony beach
Returning to Charlestown Harbour


  1. An interesting selection of photos The first photo shows a sailboat near the pier Probably the merchants of the East Indies English company brought tea and spices.

    1. The harbour was built to export local china clay and minerals found locally. That is now a thing of the past but there are often old tall sailing ships in dock - some are used in movies and in television series. It's an interesting place.

  2. Love the rock photo. Cornwall beckons.

    1. Many thanks for your comments. It's only a small stony beach, so not much of a walk distance wise, but on a nice day it looks okay! Best wishes.

  3. Ps thank you for sharing your walk... Makes me feel there lol



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