Sunday 6 December 2020

A Quick Stop Off at Mevagissey, Cornwall

I know I have published a couple of posts on Mevagissey recently (links at the end of this post) but, as I happened to be there once more, and with my camera, I couldn't resist a few quick shots.

Spotted this fellow drying his wings. The sea looked quite blue but gradually dark clouds rolled in.

To think there would be lots of people looking at this view during the hectic summer months but, today, not a visitor in sight.

There's even an empty stone seat.

Looking from the seat the clouds got darker, but the houses on the cliff top seemed to stand out from the greyness.

A fishing boat at rest.

Ah, found another person enjoying the view as the clouds began to look friendlier.

A couple of typical shots of Mevagissey, on which to end today's post.

Here are the links to the other Mevagissey posts I mentioned earlier. About 30 photos.


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