Monday 4 December 2023


Oh dear! I glanced out of one of our upstairs windows and there was snow on it's way. Fortunately, though, it soon disappeared  We decided on taking a short walk at The Lost Gardens of Heligan. An unsteady scarecrow was there to meet us and the sky  turned clear and blue.

All was quiet and peaceful.

A rather large bee said hello. This is all part of the Heligan Night Garden.

Some snow manged to survive in the shadows.

Garden beds were ready for planting.

A lonely flower clung to the wall.

And then woosh! Paper birds on the loose.

The birds are all part of Heligan's Night Garden

There is lots of space to wander.

The Play Meadow, below, was quiet and peaceful. 

 Onwards towards the jungle.

All was quiet with the sun shining on the water.

So much to walk and see,  if so inclined.

Large Butterflies fluttering. 

We wandered back to our car and homeward bound. Heligan is always an interesting place to visit.

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike.

Monday 27 November 2023

Charlestown Cornwall on a Windy Day

A quick look at Charlestown harbour on a windy day. 

I have often said that Charlestown is one of my favourite places. The wind somehow adds to its appeal.

Another splash over the harbour wall

Gradually the waves subside and it's possible to gaze out to sea.

The lichen on the sea wall adds to the colours.

Below is one of the two  beaches at Charlestown...

... and here is the second  beach. They are both quite stony

The Pier House is in view if any refreshments etc are required.

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All good wishes ~ Mike

Tuesday 31 October 2023

A Wander around Padstow, Cornwall with 12 Photos.

Today a look at Padstow, Cornwall starting off at the harbour.

Moving on to glimpses of the colourful back streets.

Now the sea and coast. There is a pleasant walk alongside the River Camel Estuary

As you walk you might notice bits and pieces from the war, or even some much older bits and pieces.

When the tide is out there are great swathes of sand.

Nowadays boats are able to enter the harbour - but it hasn't always been that way according to Cornish folklore. For an example see my post : Tristram Bird and the mermaid

More sand, fun when there aren't too many people about - but Padstow gets very busy in the summer season.

Wandering back to the harbour.

Finally, for today, the walk back to Padstow town.

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Monday 23 October 2023

A Quick Photo Trip Around Cornwall

I haven't been out with my camera for a while - the weather and other things seem to have got in the way. Anyway, here are a few pics from my archives to show I haven't forgotten everyone.
We start off above in Charlestown on a windy day and below Mevagissey with a few of the fishing boats in the harbour.

Swiftly moving on to a view of the sea from the Esplanade at Fowey - one of my favourite towns.

Shopping now at Trago Mills. They sell just about everything. One of the entrances to the store is via the attractive  bridge below. 

A splash of the sea now at Spit Beach.

There's a heck of a lot of sand at Padstow - when the tide is out.

Here we are now at Newquay famed for its surfing. The photo, though, is of the harbour.

A glimpse of Cornwall's Eden Project. Plants and flowers tucked up nice and cosy in giant biomes.

A look across the River Fowey to Polruan.

Moving on to Mullion Cove with its granite harbour wall.

Cliffs on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula.

Some interesting thatched cottages to be seen when out and about in Cornwall.

A final stop to enjoy the beach at Bude on Cornwall's north coast.

That's all for now ~ thanks for visiting my blog. Take care.
All good wishes,  Mike.

Monday 9 October 2023

Newquay Cliff Tops Plus Sand Galore at the The Gannel Estuary, Cornwall

Okay, these photos were taken before the weather got grim and grumbly, but I remember enjoying this short walk in Newquay Cornwall.

Flowers were out on the cliff tops and all was well with the world.

The walk, or perhaps it was just a stroll, was mostly along the cliff tops. Looking downwards Lewinnick Lodge came into view (photo above). A pleasant setting for a Sunday dinner. Many of the windows have sea views.
More cliff tops below.

If you like sand, you'll find lots at the Gannel Estuary, plus a bench to take in the view.

Yes, lots of sand but be aware of the tides. This can be a dangerous place to swim or wade.

There is sand and dunes galore.

Looking back we noticed a fresh flower memorial had been left on the shrubbery. This must have once been someone's special place.

After enjoying the sand we followed the path back to where we started. 

Nearby is Fistral Beach, Newquay, said to be one of the best for surfing, due to the consistency and quality of the surf.

The impressive Headland Hotel, opened in 1900, can also be seen in the photo above. King Charles, prior to becoming King, made a few visits.
And now the final photo for today. I've shown the good, so here's the not so good - cars galore! it can be difficult to get a parking space in the summer season.

That's my lot for today. 
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A Walk to Pentewan Village, Beach and Harbour

It was a sunshine day so we decided on a walk to Pentewan along the Pentewan Trail starting from the bridge as shown above. ...