Friday 8 July 2022

Mawgan Porth Beach

Mawgan Porth Beach, Cornwall

This is Mawgan Porth beach. A while back the Times Newspaper included the beach in it's Top 10 Holiday Beaches. They wrote: There are better known and busier beaches in Cornwall, but few can match the raw beauty of Mawgan Porth, on the north coast near Newquay.  Shielded on both sides by cliffs, it has acres of soft white sand, rock pools, caves and magical sunsets.

Margan Porth Beach, Cornwall

The first five of today's photos were snapped as the tide was going out on a lovely sunny, early morning - so not very many people on the beach - perfect!

Mawgan Porth Beach, Cornwall

The tide goes out a long way, as can be seen by the photo above, but it leaves behind soft squelchy sand with a few clear water pools - oh, and beautiful clean air - breathe deeply - ahhhh!

Mawgan Porth Beach, Cornwall

When the tide is out it's possible to explore caves in the cliffs, which are normally hidden by the sea.

Mawgan Porth beach, Cornwall

The following three photos were again snapped in the morning, but the sky wasn't so blue and the sea perhaps not so inviting. This is the Atlantic coast so the waves are suitable for surfing.

Mawgan Porth, Cornwall

A small river joins the beach ...

River running onto Mawgan Porth beach

... while the waves start to build.

The sea and waves at Mawgan Porth beach, Cornwall

Mawgan Porth is situated between Newquay and Padstow on Cornwall's north coast.

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Friday 1 July 2022

A Flavour of The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

We hadn't been for a while, so thought a visit to Cornwall's Lost Gardens of Heligan was due. 

As we walked I snapped a few photos to give a flavour of the gardens. Apples are beginning to show above and below vegetables are growing (or will grow) under glass.

An abundance of flowers in the next few photos.

A couple of water lilies ...

... and back to other flowers.

Moving into the Sundial Garden with its original red brick walls.

Heligan isn't just flowers the various gardens stretch over 200 acres so there is plenty of open space

Moving on to the Lost Valley and the Jungle. The leaves get a lot bigger!

 We sat in the cool for a while by a pond.

A robin came to say hello by the water. Some say the birds can be messengers from beyond the grave. A bit fanciful, no doubt, but it would have been my mother's birthday - and she loved robins.

More large leaves as we make our way towards the exit homeward bound.

That's all for The Lost Gardens of Heligan for today: sometimes described as 200 acres of garden history, mystery and, perhaps, romance.

I'll finish off today's post with a few flowers from my own garden.

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Friday 24 June 2022

Charlestown Harbour on a Sunshine Day Plus Spit Beach

Time seemed to stand still as the sailing ship made its way along the Cornish coast. The blueness of the sea and sky seemed almost unreal.

The ship passed Charlestown and continued along the coast.

Meanwhile children enjoyed the water by the small beach.

A further ship passed by the entrance to Charlestown's Harbour.

There's always something interesting to see at Charlestown - well I think so. We walked away from the harbour to the small port. Across the water is the Pier House a pub and restaurant or, perhaps, somewhere for coffee.

A few wisps of clouds in the sky now.

We crossed the rickety bridge and noticed the Kelly's Ice Cream van park up and, miracle after miracle, my wife bought me an ice cream!

We wandered by the boats enjoying the coolness of the ice cream.

A final look back along the port to the harbour and sea. We made our way back home.

It was such a bright blue day at Charlestown but the previous day was somewhat different.

We intended to go to Par Market but forgot that it isn't open every day. Instead we went to nearby Spit Beach. The good thing was that there wasn't anyone else on the beach. The dullness of the day kept people away.

An old lookout from WW2 brightened the scene.

It's not a special beach, by any means, but there was a feeling of space and serenity. The tide was a long way out.

The low cliffs looked almost silver...

... when looking upwards.

We spotted a tent, but still no one in sight.

It may not have been so blue and sunny as our visit to Charlestown but fresh air, peace and quiet can be enjoyable too.

On leaving Spit Beach, the path was full of wild flowers including a mass of foxgloves.

And so ends this weeks post, thanks for the visit. Have a good week, all good wishes ~ Mike.



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