Wednesday 26 July 2023

A Taste of the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall

We popped into Cornwall's Lost Gardens of Heligan - mainly for a look at their flower meadows. There's an abundance of yellow to be seen at the moment.

There's lots of space at Heligan, so there are other other fields to admire.

There are a few snoozing farm animals to be seen

Moving on, an archway of apples leading to flowers ...

... and a few veg, all neat and tidy.

An old building.

Lots of flowers running wild.

A pond with one shy lily.

Here we go, more flowers.

I like this colour.

Two fried eggs!

Back to more flowers, in what is named  the Sundial Garden.

A very old brick wall.

That's all from the Lost Gardens of Heligan for today

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Monday 17 July 2023

Flowers In My Garden In Cornwall

Haven't been able to get out and about this week so a few flowers from our garden. Actually, the flower below is trying to escape from next doors' garden but is very welcome.

Tucked away next to the bird house

A geranium, who doesn't seem to mind if I sometimes forget to give it water.

Hydrangeas, so easy to grow. This one is in a biggish container. I heard a saying which said
that  Hydrangeas are like happiness in bloom. Not sure about that but they fill a space.

I think this must be some sort of geranium.

Yes, it was very dry when I snapped the next photo, but they were still smiling.

And then the wind blew ...

Next, a cluster of colour leaning happily on Cornish stone

A dahlia, this one comes back year after year

Looks like the next dahlia is off for a walk as the sun goes down.

A fuchsia, so perfect I had to have a closer look. I can understand why Claude Monet said, "I must have flowers, always and always I must have flowers." 

And to finish off with some sunshine, well sort of.

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Tuesday 11 July 2023

A Short Walk From Lizard Village to the Lizard Lighthouse Heritage Centre, Cornwall

We were at the Lizard Village on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula. 

The plan was to walk from here to visit the Lizard Lighthouse Heritage Centre. It is only about a mile and a half walk across green fields.

Some interesting clouds about as we started our short walk.

We met a young couple, on the way, who told us that the Lizard Heritage Centre was closed for all of 2023! That'll teach me not to check things out first. 

Disappointing but we continued walking as everything looked very pleasant.

Plenty of views of the sea and paths to walk.

Even though the lighthouse  was closed to visitors I was able to take a photo. Note the scaffolding in position.

The lighthouse has two towers and was built in 1752 by Thomas Fonnerau. The lighthouse guides boats and other vessels through the English Chanel.

We wandered along the coast enjoying the fields, sea and colours.

Finally we made our way back to the Lizard Village,, where our car was waiting on the village green. Donations are requested for parking on the green.

Nearly forgot to say: the Lighthouse marks the most southerly point of mainland Britain.

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Friday 7 July 2023

Walking along Cornwall's Coastal Path to Polurrian Cove.

Another day, another cove on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula. This time it is Polurrian Cove.

After parking our car in Mulli0n  we followed the coastal path - photos above and below.

There are lovely views from the path - as the following three photos show.

We eventually headed down the path to Polurrian Cove, which was a bit tricky in places. We could only see three other people on the beach.

Just before the path leading to the cove there is a solitary holiday home on the coastal path.

Needless to say Polurrian Cove has no facilities, so we sat on the rocks, with a sandwich, and enjoyed the peace.

The beach is a mixture of sand  and small stones when the tide is out. The sky looked lovely for awhile.

The only other people, on the beach, decided to move on, so we had the cove to ourselves. The cliffs are high and a hotel can be seen on the high point - see photo below.

I zoomed in to get a clearer look at the hotel.

After exploring the cove we made our way back to civilisation along the coastal path.

The clouds turned grey so we decided to retrace our steps back towards our car.

Near the end of our walk we passed a sign for the hotel we had spotted from the cove.

We had a quick peek at the hotel.

And so ends today's post.

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All good wishes ~ Mike

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