Thursday 31 August 2023

A Taste of Mevagissey, Cornwall

It's interesting how the mood of of a place can alter as the weather changes.

Today's photos are  of the fishing village of Mevagissey.

I always enjoy a stroll by the harbour.

This gentleman seemed to be equipped for whatever the weather.

A pleasant place to rest and enjoy the view. As William Henry Davies wrote: 
What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

Moving on 

Lighthouses are always interesting. This one is only about 26 feet tall but the light can be seen for around twelve  nautical miles. 

How different everything looks as the fishing boats huddle together.

Blue sky and coloured boats to lift the spirits.

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Sunday 20 August 2023

Dahlia and Cornwall's Lost Gardens of Heligan

We had a short visit to Cornwall's Lost Gardens of Heligan.

As usual I had my camera with me.

There was a display from the Cornish Dahlia Society. I snapped a few quick photos of some of the dahlia on display.

After the dahlia we popped into the jungle! 

Where have all of the people gone? The Sundial Garden was empty.

Lots of apples ended our short visit to Heligan

Soon got back home and had a peek at a couple of our dahlia - all was well.

We often pop into The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Here's my previous Heligan post

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Sunday 13 August 2023

Charlestown, and Harbour, Cornwall 30+ Photos

All seemed bright and cheerful, as we left home, but this soon changed by the time we reached Charlestown.

All was misty, but there was a feeling of peacefulness - which was very pleasant. As you will see I snapped a few photos as we walked.

I remembered how we visited Charlestown to see in the the 2000 new millennium.  All was then quiet as we stood on the misty  harbour wall. It was quite magical and felt as if we had stepped back into some sort of time warp. Okay, perhaps a bit fanciful, but I'll always remember that special moment

Anyway, back to reality! 

The mist was quite patchy.

There were a few people on one of Charlestown's two beaches.

A young girl seemed locked in her own thoughts, mesmerised by the sea.

We wandered towards the harbour wall where  several people had gathered

The mist seemed to linger.

Looking from the harbour wall the beach appeared quite hazy.

A Dinghy went out to sea .

There's a lifebuoy on the harbour wall.

Next is a mechanism once used to lower boats into the harbour

All gradually got brighter, below is Charlestown's other small beach.

But don't get to near the cliffs!

Everything gradually got brighter and there were more people about. Oh, and there was an ice cream van on a bit of a slant.

More and more people arrived. It's a popular place for holidaymakers  to visit. 

Definitely clearer now.

Let's look at a few boats / ships.

The Pier House was getting busy as the mist lifted.

A few more boats.

Below is one of several restaurants - there are a few choices, including the Pier House.

On our way back home now - a couple of cottages seen, on the road into (or out of) Charlestown.

And perhaps  a visit to Carlyon Bay, it's not far.

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