Friday 26 January 2024

Menacuddle: Chapel, Holy Well and White Waterfall

It was a damp, cold day but I felt drawn to visit Menacuddle, St.Austell, with it's small chapel and holy well. It's quite a magical place - well I think so.

The small waterfall, with its white colour always fascinates me. 

The white colour is from the local china clay deposits.

On my visit all was peaceful, I was the only person in the area.

Here we are, below, at the chapel and holy well. A few ribbons remain left by visitors, though the weather has taken its toll. The chapel was built in the 15th century and is aligned east west - with the east wall built into  the  natural rock wall.

The chapel is 11 feet long and 9 feet wide.

The Holy spring water was once held in high regard for its curative powers. Sick children were regularly bathed here and the Victorians  recommended the drinking of its salubrious fluid. I wouldn't recommend drinking the water nowadays though!

There is only one concern about Menacuddle, it is said to be renowned for having a supernatural presence - including a terrifying black beast!

In 2016 an Express newspaper had a headline which stated: 
"The grisley remains of a centuries old corpse has been discovered in a creepy British woodland - which locals believe is haunted ."

I have to say that, personally, I have never felt uneasy when visiting Menacuddle - the opposite in fact I find it peaceful and uplifting.

I like to walk the paths. There are also a few seats to sit for awhile.

To finish on, above, is a very old bridge and below a granite chair known as the Druids Chair. It is also sometimes called King Arthur's seat.

On the way into Menacuddle you may notice the Brake Manor, as above.

To visit Menacuddle leave the town of Austell  via the B3274. You will pass  the building as shown above, and go  under a bridge. Shortly after this you will see a sign on the left to Menacuddle. It is very easy to miss this, so slow down!

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~ Mike.

Monday 15 January 2024

A Chilly Short Walk Around the Harbour at Mevagissey

We were in Mevagissey and, my gosh, it was cold. The tide was out and the boats were all higgledy-piggledy. Luckily the boat below had supports and stayed upright.

One good thing about the chill in the air was that there were very few people about. In the holiday seasons it is heaving with visitors.

Next is looking across to the cottages on the harbour side.

As we walked around the harbour the sky changed to varying shades of blue. The
 lighthouse remained silent.

The sea soon started to fill the harbours and a fishing boat was floating in the outer harbour.

Looking across from the outer harbour now and all is peaceful.

I snapped the photos as we walked.

The sea looked bright for a while but changed near the lighthouse.

Here's the lighthouse close up.

The inner harbour gradually filled with water.

More boats - but the weather was still very cold. We made our way home. I always enjoy visiting Mevagissey whatever the weather.

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All good wishes,

Monday 8 January 2024

An Alternative Cornwall

Not a usual post today as there are no Cornish harbours, beaches and the like, other than the photo above.  Instead  a few creatures great and small seen in Cornwall. All is peaceful below.

Next is one happy turkey, chuffed at not being stuffed for Christmas.

Sheep. These beauties were seen at the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Ponies now, glad to be free and frisky on Bodmin Moor.

Sometimes its difficult to reach an annoying itch.

A pleasant pheasant. I looked at him and he looked at me.

Oh dear, found this poorly robin. Glad to say he survived.

Like some ancient creature found in our garden.

This squirrel was knocking on out front door! As we didn't let him in he made his way to our bird feeder in our back garden!

The squirrel actually got into the feeder.

A butterfly fluttered by ... did the next fellow.

A little sheep appeared lost, perhaps it belonged to Bo Peep.

A contented rabbit.

Strewth, a false widow spider, far from being my favourite creature.

Think I'd better finish today's post in a more positive theme.

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike.

Sunday 17 December 2023

Colour and Flowers on a Cold, Cornish, December Day

I haven't been too far from home recently so was quite chuffed to see a camellia in flower on Toby's bush - Toby was my favourite dog, a wonderful border collie. 
Then I noticed a hydrangea as below.

A few leaves on geraniums looked quite bright and cheerful.

I guess if we don't look we won't see. I wonder how much we miss in life.

I wandered into St. Austell. Unfortunately, it seems. I'm a bit too old to have a free ride - as below.

People were looking in shop windows including a great white lump.

The lump turned out to be a Polar bear We don't usually see many of these bears roaming St. Austell, despite the chilly weather.

There were a few colourful flowers lingering on.

The seagull must also be a flower lover.

When I returned home I noticed quite a few more buds on Toby's tree - as above. So more colour may be on its way. Today's final photo is looking into our front porch. The fir tree is on the outside.

Thanks for visiting my blog. In case I don't catch up with you before Christmas. I hope you have a happy, peaceful time.


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