Friday, 15 October 2021

Walking Through Fowey, Cornwall.

The weather wasn't great but we poodled down to Fowey for a short walk, always an interesting town to visit.

We parked the car in Gallant's Drive - safe to do so this time of year - and wandered down the Esplanade.

The first view is across the Fowey River to Polruan

The river gently splashes the rocks below.

Now looking inland as the river meanders through the hills.

Another view across the river to Polruan. There is a ferry from Fowey to Polruan and vice versa.

We continued walking to the quay passing by the Fowey Aquarium.

On the quay the canons are at the ready - just in case they are needed!

We walked on through the town looking at the views when possible.

Another small quay. It appears that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert stopped off here for a cuppa back in 1846.

Next is a building I like: The Georgian Scallop Shell House. It has an interesting history. 

The story goes that there was previously a medieval house here. This was used by pilgrims on their way to the Shrine of St. James of Compostela in Spain. Records reveal that between 1412 and 1456 licences were granted to seven Fowey Shippers, who carried around 350 Pilgrims to Spain.

Going up Customs House Hill and the narrow road beyond.

Fortunately the road has one way traffic only.

Peeking across the river, with the lifeboat in position

Further along the river is the Bodinnick Ferry for cars, vans and foot passengers.

A pleasant house overlooking the river

Further along the river is the industrial sector, lots of china clay etc. have been exported from here over the years - see the 1904 photo at the end of this post.

Wandering back through the town there are various shops and food outlets.

Back to the main Fowey Quay and we succumbed to C0rnish pasties - mine a veggie option, being vegetarian.

We found an empty seat and a young seagull thought he would join us. He took a lot of persuading to go away - it seems he is addicted to pasties!

Lunch over we wandered slowly back to the Esplanade.

A final look across the river to Polruan and our car was waiting. A pleasant way to spend a morning.

That's it for today but there are more photos of Fowey on my blog post A Flavour Of the Old Town of Fowey, Cornwall With 24 Photos or, if you want a longer, proper walk I recommend The Magical Hall Walk at Fowey Cornwall.

P.S. I came across this old photo from 1904 of china clay being delivered to Fowey.

That's definitely the lot for today. All good wishes for the week ahead~ Mike.


  1. On our one and only holiday in Cornwall we visited Fowey and I wished we had more time there as it was a delightful place, as your lovely pictures show. I liked your pics of the little alleyways and streets, also the car ferry.
    It's great to see your glimpses of Cornwall, enjoy the weekend and thanks Mike.

    1. Thanks David. We have fond memories of Fowey as we stayed there, in a small cottage, while waiting for our house purchase to be completed. It felt like another world at the time. My gosh, that was a while back! Have a good weekend too.

  2. Hello Mike, wonderful pictures of Fowey and Polruan. I see you accidentally snapped just one of my holiday homes there (the big modern one by the river). I'd asked my butler to put those ladders out just that morning for some rum smuggling ;) I wonder if Queen Victoria and her Prince Albert had a splash of rum in their cuppa, when they visited (?)

    The Georgian Scollop Shell House is very handsome indeed. How fab is the entrance, and the clock inset into the window panes! There's a cannon on a Falmouth roundabout that points towards Penryn, to keep us Ryner Ruffians at bay. Useful bits of kit they are. My kids would love to have an icecream in that House of Dragon. So interesting to see the 1904 china clay photo.

    Hope you have a great week. Lulu x

    1. Oh! Apologies,Lulu, for snapping a pic of one of your holday homes, you obviosly have good taste - hope the others also have such wonderful views - got to have our dreams!

      I like the scallop above the door of the Scollop Shell House. It's a lovely building.

      All good wishes.

  3. A wonderful and informative walk, Mike! Oh to be there, enjoying a veggie Cornish pasty with you both (and the gull!).

    1. Hello Caroline, good to hear from you. We enjoy our days out and about, hopefully Covid won't prevent this in the future. Good wishes.



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