Saturday 7 March 2020

Three Days Visiting South Cornwall With German Visitors - 28 Photos

Harbour at Mebagissey, Cornwall

We had two of my wife's German relatives staying with us for a few days. So we showed them some of the local sights, starting at Mevagissey. I snapped a few quick photos of the places we visited.

Looking out to see at Mevagissey

Harbour Office, Mevagissey, Cornwall

Fishing nets at Mevagissey, Cornwall

We moved on to Charlestown. Our two guests below.

Visitors from Germany to Charlestown, Cornwall

Bridge at Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall

We had lunch in the Pier House, Charlestown.

Pier House, Charlestown, Cornwall

It was a bit of a whistle stop journey as we soon moved on to Fowey! The next two photos are walking in Fowey and looking across the river to Polruan.

Looking across Fowey River to Polruan

Village of Polruan, Cornwall

Fowey River, Cornwall

Started out at Lanhydrock House. It appears that Rosamunde Pilcher, the Cornish writer, is well known in Germany as many of her books have been adapted for German television. These include Im Zweifel fur die Liebo (Question of Love) and Klippen der Liebe (Cliffs of Love). Lanhydrock House is featured in both of these, thus the interest to pay a visit. Three photos follow.

Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

Gradens at Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

Gatehouse at Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

Time to move on to Polperro. Some of the fishermens' cottages were supposedly featured on German television.

Polperro Harbour Cornwall

Cottages by harbour at Polperro, Cornwall

In all honesty we didn't find the cottages, not that I was sure what we were actually looking for. Never mind, we had lunch in the Three Pilchards pub, said to be the oldest in Polperro.

Polperro, Cornwall

Cottage by Polperro Harbour, Cornwall

Crumplehorn Pub and restaurant, Polperro, Cornwall

We headed for St. Just-in-Roseland and the wonderful church and gardens. I have mentioned this previously, link at end of this post.

Church at St.Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall

A few more photos follow of the church and grounds, unfortunately it was a dull, damp day.

Churchyard at St Just-in-Roseland

Church at St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall

Church window at St. Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall

There is a story that Jesus visited this area of Cornwall when young. There is a poem within the church that mentions this:

Jesus as a boy came here
With Joseph of Arimathea
To trade for tin

Merchant ships plied to and fro
Where the great waters ebb and flow
Their wealth to win

They built a church atop the sand
And called It St Just in Roseland
Do go within

There is tranquillity and Peace
Gulls Cry and Bird Song Never Cease
Far from the Din

Step Ey Awhile Along Life's Way
And For A Time Relax and Stay
Forget All Sin

Wonder Amid the Trees and Flowers
And Bide Awhile, Pass by The Hours
New Life Begin

The Tide Laps Up and Down the Shore
Men From Strange Lands Now Come No More
To Trade For Tin

Church St.Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall

Celtic Cross at churchyard, St. just in Roseland, Cornwall

Entrance to St.Just-in-Roseleand Churchyard

We then moved on to St.Mawes Castle. Still damp unfortunately.

St.Mawes castle, Cornwall

St. Mawes Castle, Cornwall

We then made our way to St.Mawes and found a suitable place for refreshments. Quiet this time of year.

St Mawes, Cornwall

All in all a pleasant three days, despite the weather.

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Wednesday 4 March 2020

22 Cornwall Flower Photos

Flowers at Lost Gardens of Heligan.

So February has passed away after storms, rain and flooding but, even so, there was colour and flowers to be found in Cornwall.

Flowers at the Lost Gardens of Heligan

Today's post is of flowers and colour seen when out and about in Cornwall.

February flowers ay Lost Gardens of Heligan

The above two photos and the one below were snapped at The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Flowers at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

The hyacinths were near the exit at Heligan.

Flowers at thr Lost Gardens of Heligan

Okay, I know these doves aren't flowers but they seemed to be asking for their photo to be taken - so I obliged.

Doves at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

Quite a few camellia styled bushes about. 

Flowers at Eden Project, Cornwall

Mostly have a touch of pink about them. A camellia in my garden quickly drops the lovely flowers to the ground. Recent strong winds haven't helped.

Flowers at the Lost Gardens of Heligan

There seems to have been plenty of flowers for anyone favouring pink and red.

Flowers at Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall
Daffodils by the River Fowey are a little windswept.

Wind swept daffodils at Fowey, Cornwall

But I found lots more daffodils in various places. Always great to see but wish they would flower when the sun is out and about. The daffs in my garden soon got flattened by the rain and wind.

Lots of early daffodils in Cornwall

Attractive flowers in window boxes next to a cottage door in Fowey.

Flowers in window boxes, Fowey, Cornwall

Not sure what the flowers are below but they were in the Fowey Hotel garden.

Flowers in February at Fowey, Cornwall

The garden has a lovely position overlooking the river Fowey. Nice place for a traditional Cream Tea - when the weather has improved, of course.

Fowey Hotel, Fowey, Cornwall overlooking Fowey River

Snowdrops are often a flash of white early in the year.

Snowdrops, Cornwall
The next three photos were snapped in Pinetum Gardens, Holmbush, Cornwall 

Flowers in Cornwall
I like to see heather en masse, always makes a lovely display.

Heather in Pinetum Gardens Cornwall
Blue heather too.

Heather at Pinetum Gardens, Cornwall
A couple of flowers from the wild side. Firstly the gaudy yellow gorse. 

Bright yellow gorse growing wild in Cornwall
And a wildflower from the hedgerow. 

Wild flowers in the hedgerows, Cornwall
Oh yes, and this orchid from the warmth of our dining room. I think it looks like some kind of exotic creature or, there again perhaps not. But, whatever, thanks for looking at this post and the photos.

Pink orchids, Cornwall
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Sunday 1 March 2020

The Bodinnick Ferry Across the River Fowey

Bodinnick Ferry, Cornwall in bland and white.

Above is a recent black and white photo of the Bodinnick Ferry. I mentioned this in a recent post about Fowey and how it is believed that there has been a river crossing here since the 14th century.

The Ferry runs between the Bodinnick slipway and the Caffa Mill slipway in Fowey.

I have dug out a few old photos showing how the ferry has changed over the years. The photo above is from 1899 - driven by man power! 
I'm not sure of the dates of the photo above and below.
Today the ferry can carry small lorries up to 10 tons, motor homes, cars, cycles and, of course, foot passengers.

At today's date the charge is £5.oo for cars and £2.00 for adult foot passengers.

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Thursday 27 February 2020

A Magical Walk Along the Gover Valley, St.Austell, Cornwall

Gover Valley, St.Austell, Cornwall

It was a dull day, drizzly at times, but I decided to take a wander along the Gover Valley in St.Austell. I have previously published a post, with 33 photos, of a walk based on the valley - there's a link at the end of this post.

Gover Valley daffodils, Cornwall

A few daffodils brightened the day as did the Gover Stream, which feeds into the St.Austell River, as it is called locally, but is shown on maps as the River Vinnick.

Gover Stream, Gover Valley, Cornwall

Another name often used for the stream is the White River, because it can become coloured by local china clay.

Gover Valley, Cornwall, old buildings

Along the Gover Valley are remnants left over from the china clay industry.

Gover Valley, river, trees and moss.

Alongside the river is the occasional house, like this one, almost hidden amongst the trees.

House hidden away in Gover Valley, Cornwall

Being a valley it is often shaded from the sun so can be quite damp. 

Stream in Gover Valley, Cornwall

The dampness encourages mosses to grow by the Gover Stream.

Stream in Gover Valley, St.Austell Cornwall

The moss, combined with the tinkling water, can create a magical moment. It's easy to think of this as a home for the elves and fairies - or perhaps that's just my imagination.

But, whatever, the greenness that abounds at this time of year has an attractive quality.

Stream in Gover Valley, St.Austell, Cornwall

A Public Footpath sign shows a way up the side of the valley for those so inclined.

Public Footpath and bridge in Gover Valley, St.Austell, Cornwall

There's a bridge over the stream and a few steps have been made to assist the little people and us humans on their way.

Footpath and steps in Gover Valley, Cornwall

I chose to continue walking along the valley itself, some gorse made a change from the greenness, it seemed to bring everything more alive.

Yellow gorse in Gover Valley, Cornwall

On my return along the valley an old gate was struggling to protect access to an open field.

Gate, Gover Road, St.Austell, Cornwall

Delicate colour with a few primroses nestled by the edge of the road, next to a puddle from the drizzle.

Primroses on the road side in Gover rd., St.Austell, Cornwall

Then all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of golden daffodils.

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